Press Release

Strategic planning workshop for Heads of Government schools

Faridabad Navchetna Trust organized a one-day Strategic Planning Workshop ...
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Educated Haryana is Growing Haryana

Dr Prashant Bhalla, President, Faridabad Navchetna Trust and ...
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Workshop for Government School Teachers

A workshop for the government teachers was organized ...
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Atal Kavyanjali

फरीदाबाद के एमसीएफ ऑडिटोरियम में अटल काव्यांजलि में ...
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‘Food for All’ Initiative by Faridabad NavchetnaTrust

Team Wildcats takes the honor to promote the ...
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‘Food for All’ campaign by Faridabad Navchetna Trust

The Faridabad Navchetna Trust also has a legacy ...
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FNT bags third award at Tableau Competition

Faridabad Navchetna Trust (FNT) participated in Tableau Competition ...
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