The objective is to provide global and regional leadership in education; to strengthen education systems worldwide from early childhood to the adult years; to respond to contemporary global challenges through transformative education. The Trust will encompass educational development from pre-school through to higher education, including technical and vocational education and training, non-formal education and literacy marginalized and underprivileged sections that have no access to education. Such other objects and purposes, which will be conducive to promotion of education and advancement of learning regardless of caste, creed and religion. To pay stipends, scholarships, prizes, medals, allowances and other aids to the deserving and underprivileged students irrespective of caste, creed, and religion.


Capacity Building of People and Creating Knowledge Societies

To create inclusive knowledge societies and empower local communities by increasing access to and preservation and sharing of information and knowledge and training in ICT literacy, Digital Literacy and Media Literacy.


Protecting and Reviving Our Heritage and Fostering Creativity

To ensure that culture takes it rightful place in development strategies and processes, the Trust will endeavor to protect and safeguard the Faridabad’s and Haryana cultural and natural heritage including ancient archaeological sites, intangible and underwater heritage, museum collections, oral traditions, literature, dance, music, folklores and arts, and other forms of heritage, and to support creativity, innovation and the emergence of dynamic cultural sectors. The Trust will work towards Promotion of Sports, Performing Arts, Literature and Crafts. The Trust will support, promote and encourage sports persons, artisans and the various kinds and forms of sports, dance, theatre, folk arts, painting, and literature etc.


Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection

Promoting, Supporting, Creating Awareness about Produce and Use of Sustainable Clean and Green Energy, Promoting, Supporting, Creating Awareness and Conserving Water, Forests and Trees, Promoting, Supporting, Creating Awareness about Energy Efficiency and Eco Friendly Measures, Promoting, Supporting and Investing in Science, Technology, Research and Innovation to develop indigenous knowledge systems that are in close association with nature.


Gender Equality, Sexual and Reproductive Justice, and Healthcare

The Trust will work towards gender equality and women empowerment in a multipronged approach by awareness campaigns, capacity building, changing mindsets and perceptions of men and youth, and implementing programs and schemes for the cause.


Global Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Health and Well Being

Faridabad Nav Chetna Trust will take steps towards achieving total health that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and improving the quality of life for the society as a whole. The Trust will work towards becoming and creating an ethical and just society. Organize health camps and outreach programmes for dissemination of awareness on general health.


Social Objectives

The Trust will focus on Child and Youth Welfare; Inclusion, Mainstreaming, Development and Empowerment of Sections of Society who are Marginalized, Vulnerable and With Special Needs; and Geriatric Healthcare and Well Being. To work for upliftment and empowerment of women. To work for alleviation of poverty, untouchability and other social evil. To work for getting social justice for poorer, weaker and downtrodden section of the society. To work for national integration and to promote communal harmony among different religions and sects. To work for community development particularly in rural areas. To establish, maintain Dharmsalas, Old Age Homes, Rest Houses, and Hostels etc. for the benefit of general public. To help widows, orphans and indigent persons and to give relief to the poor and distressed. To donate, provide and/ or distribute articles of daily use and necessities for life such as food, clothing, books, medicines etc among the poor and victims of natural calamities such as famine, epidemics, fire, flood, earthquake etc


Infrastructural Objectives

Infrastructural Development and creation of Modern Amenities in the District of Faridabad to help Resident Welfare Associations of nearby Area in maintaining Parks, Community Centers, Religious places etc.


Industrial Development and Integration

For Optimizing Output to meet the Requirements of the District, Haryana and Country as a whole Including R&D for quality and upgraded output. Coordinate with business community and organizations such as FSIA, FMA, FICCI etc.


Faridabad District as Advanced and Model Technology Hub of Haryana