President’s Message

Dr Prashant Bhalla
Faridabad Navchetna Trust
 President, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions

The story of Faridabad Navchetna Trust is the story of Faridabad’s people. It is about their re-awakening and resurgence in a world gone consumerist and a frenetic pace of life that seemed to rob citizens of the charm and joy of living.

The Faridabad Navchetna Trust has been at the forefront of quite a few milestone events in the history of Faridabad, spearheading for instance, the hoisting of The Tallest Tiranga (3rd March, 2015), The Largest Plantation (22-25 July, 2015), Adopt a Fruit Tree (25 July, 2016), the Faridabad Marathon 2017 (19th February, 2017) on the occasion of Golden Jubilee celebrations of the creation of Haryana Project Panchi (April 2017) and the ‘Food for All’ initiative.

The Trust also has a beautiful legacy of espousing causes such as Adoption of 31 underprivileged Girls on Durga Ashtami in 2016 and Adoption of 27 Government Schools in which improvements in infrastructural and learning facilities were introduced under its aegis.

With objectives like Protecting and Reviving Our Heritage and Fostering Creativity Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection, Gender Equality, Infrastructural Development and creation of Modern Amenities in the District, Faridabad Navchetna Trust is fulfilling its mission of improving the quality of life of Faridabad’s people and undertaking meaningful initiatives to make them conscientious citizens in a globalised world.

We welcome you to be a part of this transformational journey!