Smt Maneka Gandhi launches #ISupportProjectPanchhi organized by Faridabad Navchetna Trust to help save birdlife from the scorching summer!

Smt Maneka Gandhi launches #ISupportProjectPanchhi

It is time to do our bit for the Birds this summer and Faridabad Navchetna Trust is surely making a difference by asking people to show compassion in an effort to ethically combat social and environmental challenges! Through #ISupportProjectPanchhi, an initiative by Shri Vipul Goel, Hon’ble Minister in Haryana Government for Ministry of Industries and Commerce, Skill Development, Environment and Industrial Training, Faridabad Navchetna Trust organised a sensitization campaign on 22nd April, 2017 in MCF Auditorium, NIT Faridabad. Citizens of Faridabad were there to support this noble cause and help ‘Save birds to Save the World’. The Campaign #ISupportProjectPanchhi, was launched by Smt Maneka Gandhi, Hon’ble Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development with citizens across various age groups–evincing a keen interest.

The Campaign called for ‘the need to keep a water bowl in our balconies’—where the use of earthen vessels (not metal or plastic) would make sound ecological sense. It is a small act of kindness which would definitely go a long way in saving birdlife in the scorching summer heat when temperatures skyrocket! And Faridabad Navchetna Trust is leaving no stone unturned to make this campaign a huge success by calling citizens of Faridabad to join and help protect both birds and the ecosystem. To that effect, earthen bird bowls were distributed free on the occasion. Normally, mortality rate of birds is around 2-3% but last summer it had gone up to 7-8%.

Addressing her serious concern on the issue at the Campaign, Hon’ble Smt Maneka Gandhi while praising Hon’ble Shri Vipul Goel’s dedicated efforts towards animal welfare, said, “I am here today more as a teacher in an effort to save the environment. Planting of seeds has always been a family tradition, one that needs to be cultivated even in educational institutions. I am all for ProjectPanchhi, which is a hard economic programme linked to human lives and overall sustenance. The distribution of earthen bowls and saplings is an admirable drive that can make a big difference to our ecology and help save birds.” Smt Maneka Gandhi also forbade illegal poaching, trafficking, selling of birds and peacock feathers for a sustainable future besides calling for the need to plant more trees like shimul, neem, banyan and bougainvillea to improve the quality of life of our flora and fauna. She also thanked Shri Krishan Pal Gurjar, Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, for donating an Ambulance towards animal welfare.     

 Deeply appreciative of Faridabad’s receptivity to the campaign, Hon’ble Shri Vipul Goel said, “With temperatures soaring, the mortality of birds is all set to rise. Through this campaign, we are urging our fellow citizens of Faridabad to keep water bowls to protect birds from the summer strokes. Placing water bowls in the backyards, balconies and even on terraces would prevent the birds from such fatalities as dehydration. Quenching their thirst would also be our way of working towards conserving our environment and protecting avian life.

His words were echoed by Dr Prashant Bhalla, President, MREI and President, Faridabad Navchetna Trust, as he stated,The warmth and sensitivity with which people of Faridabad have welcomed this initiative is highly commendable. We are confident that the campaign—symbolic of Shri Vipulji’s vision and drawing inspiration from Smt Maneka Gandhiji, will crystallize into a major movement whereby citizens would go all out to keep water bowls to give respite to birds who are nature’s boon.”

Also present on the occasion were MLAs Shri Tekchand Sharma and Shri Moolchand Sharma; Mayor of Faridabad Smt Suman Bala; Police Commissioner Dr Hanif Qureshi; Industrialists Shri K.C. Lakhani; Shri Navdeep Chawla; among others.

It is noteworthy that Faridabad Navchetna Trust has been at the forefront of quite a few milestone events in the history of Faridabad, spearheading for instance, the hoisting of The Tallest Tiranga (3rd March, 2015), The Largest Plantation (22-25 July, 2015), Adopt a Fruit Tree (25 July, 2016), Digital Rally (14th March, 2016) and more recently the Faridabad Marathon 2017 (19th February, 2017) by joining hands with Faridabad Police  on the occasion of Golden Jubilee celebrations of the creation of Haryana.

Faridabad Navchetna Trust also has a beautiful legacy of espousing causes such as Adoption of 31 underprivileged Girls on Durga Ashtami in 2016; Adoption of 27 Government Schools in which improvements in infrastructural and learning facilities were introduced under its aegis not to mention the fact that in 20014, Faridabad Navchetna Trust organized a celebrity match between Mumbai Heroes and Bhojpuri Dabbangs for the revival of Nahar Singh Stadium. To make sports, fitness and fellow feeling integral to people’s lives, Faridabad Navchetna Trust brought Happy Streets in 2015 wherein citizens indulged themselves in football, badminton, khokho and cycling as they soaked in the outdoor pleasures.    

With such diverse objectives, Faridabad Navchetna Trust is fulfilling its mission of improving the quality of life of Faridabad’s people and undertaking meaningful initiatives like #ISupportProjectPanchhi to make them conscientious citizens in a globalised world.